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A learner who has agency can self-advocate for their own learning based on an understanding of his or her strengths, challenges, preferences and needs. The goal of this webinar is to provide participants with a process and a set of practical tools that will guide middle/high school learners in developing independent learning skills using the UDL Lens of Access, Engage and Express.

In this webinar, participants will learn about developing a Learner Profile (LP) in order to build their Personal Learning Backpack (PLB). When you identify how you learn best using the LP, the next step is to determine what tools/technologies, apps and skills you need in your PLB to support your own learning. Demonstrations and examples of LP's and PLB's will be provided along with how these tools can support a challenge or enhance a strength in the areas of literacy and executive function including transitioning. Walk away with an understanding on the apps, tools and resources along with the learning skills that can support the learning variability you have in your classroom or home. 

Founder of Make Learning Personal

Kathleen McClaskey

I began my career in educational technology in 1983 where I set a vision that “Computers were going to be the great equalizer”. (In 1983 the word technology was not used.) I will tell you that I realized that vision and it is what drives my work in personalized learning. Today, I am an innovative leader, education technologist, keynoter, professional developer, and Universal Design for Learning (UDL) consultant with over 30 years experience in creating learner-centered environments as a teacher, K-12 administrator, graduate instructor and consultant. I am passionate in empowering learners with tools, skills and learning strategies so they become independent self-directed learners, learners with agency, who are future ready for college, career and life. Last year I coined this phrase: “Every child on the planet is a learner”. With that understanding, I continue on my mission for educators to discover the learner in every child and to level the playing field for all learners. This past January, I joined Education Reimagined’s Pioneer Lab with other pioneering educators to help create a national movement to transform education to develop learner-centered environments everywhere.I am co-author of Make Learning Personal: The What, Who, WOW, Where and Why and How to Personalize Learning: A Practical Guide for Getting Started and Going Deeper.

Course curriculum

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    Learner Profile - Grades 6-12

    • Learner Profile Template - Grades 6-12

    • Learner Profile/Personal Learning Backpack example: Grades 6-12

    • Articles and Resources.KMcClaskey.2019

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    Webinar Recording: Empower the Grade 6-12 Learner with a Personal Learning Backpack

    • Empower the Grade 6-12 Learner with a PLB